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Training and Research
Training and Research

Nowadays world witnesses great and expanded changes in rehabilitation services provision which resulted to independence and quality of life improvement of disabled people.
This promotion in service provision is indebted to the attempt and trial of rehabilitation experts, therapits and kind trainers who are not only motivated by altruism and philanthropy but at the same time they possess the knowledge, knowhow and technical related skills. That is a fact that rehabilitation field needs motivated staff with professional specialties, and in these days in spite of developing different university courses, there is still shortage of those skills that can prepared by short training courses. VRF for responding these needs are pursuing short term courses with the following aims.
1- Introducing new techniques in rehabilitation of children with neurological disability in accordance with their needs.
2- Improving and enhancing quality of rehabilitation services in VRF related centers
3- Organizing refresh courses for therapists with the collaborating of local and international training centres.
4- Dispatching rehabilitation experts to other countries for training purpose and benefiting of up to date techniques.
Pararel to implementing short term and on the job training courses for rehabilitation experts, research section of the VRF is active with the following aims for promoting rehabilitation service delivery.
1- Surveying the effectiveness of different techniques in rehabilitation with respect of type of lesion and disorder in children.
2- Disseminating of information that is produced by research in the rehabilitation activities.
3- Gathering and analyzing information of different approaches in rehabilitation services of other countries for increasing rehabilitation therapists awareness the outcomes of different methods.
4- Collaborating with scholars and researchers of different universities in the field of rehabilitation research and children disabilities.

 In the aim of improving the quality of services not only in VRF related centers but also for other centers around the country seven below workshops were organized for different rehabilitation specialties with the cooperation of University of London and University of Toronto and other International Ageneses .And leadership course (2015) in order to prepare health care professionals for leadership position in rehabilitation centers. The course was organized by videoconference training for 6  therapists  one session per month over 12 months with the collaboration of University of Toronto.

  •   Sensory Motor skills for Children with Cerebral Palsy.(conducting by UCL of UK)

  •   Introductory Bobath course for Children with Cerebral Palsy.(conducting by UCL of  UK)

  •   Early Intervention course for Communication Disability.(conducting by UCL of UK)

  •   Conductive Education. (by Hungarian Peto Institute)

  •   Portage technique for early intervention. (by Japanese Portage Society)

  •   Sensory Processing. (by  conducting  of Toronto University)

  •   Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance.(conducting by Toronto University)

 Attempts of VRF for utilizing new techniques and approaches in rehabilitation of disabled children from the developed countries and at the same time gathering information and research related to any of these techniques imply, good news and better horizon in rehabilitation services in future.