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Distributing Assistive Devices

Distributing Assistive Device


In 2010 till August 2016 VRF is implementing  a wide plan in national level in field of Assistive Technology distribution and trainingof parents of children with cerebral palsy(or motor disabilities) this program was implementing  in different provinces such as Qom,Yazd, Fars,Khorasan Razavi, Alborz and Tehran and Kashan cities until now.The training package Increase abilities and knowledge of parents for proper  handling of children with physical problems was the  main purpose of  this plan.

   - Number of clients that participate in VRF Donation plan of Rehabilitation Assistive Technology til  August 2016 are :

    1.Total number of registered clients : 4082
    2.Total number of evaluated clients : 2873
    3.Number of clients who received assistance technology and training materials : 2706
    4.Number of clients who received only training materials : 167

    - Number of Assistive Technologies and training materials that distrivuted in VRF Donation plan of rehabilitation Assistive Technology till 2016 are :

    1.Special Seat ( Corner Seat ) : 260
    2.Wedge ( Positioning Aid ) : 105
    3.Walker : 493
    4.Large Pushing Chair (Stroller) : 1090
    5.Bathing Chair : 920
    6.Guiding BOOK : 2665
    7.Training video : 7140
    8.Guiding Brochure : 3849

  The following steps were taken for Implementing this program by hard work of team expert :
- For finding the basic rehabilitation needs of family of children with physical disabilities (like cerebral palsy) deep interview was done with parents and experts.
- Analysis of finding from of parents needs survey. According on this study in Assistive Technology section most of parents had complained of carrying, bathing, positioning and feeding of their children. Most of parents also have complained of lack of applicable handy training resources for parents of children with physical disabilities.
-Identifying and purchasing of standard and appropriate Assistive Technology for carrying, bathing and positioning of children with physical disabilities. Two kinds of Pushing chair, two kinds of bathing chair, a special seat, special wedge for positioning and a special walker were bought and imported to the country. Based on data collected from statistics resources was estimated that over 4,000 clients were eligible for this program around the country.
- Authored a book about the correct methods of handling of children with physical disabilities. This book has 8 chapters and 350 pages. Principles of 24 hours managing care, handling of physical problems of children, feeding, bathing, sleeping, carrying, dressing and toileting by Schematic illustration and simple sentences based of community and daily routine activity described for families.
- Three educational video films in the field of feeding, sleeping and carrying were produced by participation of a group of parents and expert. These films have prepared in three 40 minutes DVD.
- Planning for implementation of this project started after providing of Assistive Equipments and training materials in August 2010 in Tehran as a pilot and other provinces after that. Information through social welfare organizations and home health care and rehabilitation centers were collected of families and referred them to VRF website for registration.
- Registration on the VRF web site was done based of standardized scales such as Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS), Manual Ability Classification System (MACS) and DSMIV for determine of cognition level of disabled children and classification of them.


- Early screening of registered persons on VRF website based of information of parents that has been entered. Level III (children who can walk by aid of wall and furniture) IV (children who can just sit and crawl) V (Children who can't make any movement) selected among of all registrants.
- Evaluation of clients, recommend principle of proper treatment, care and management at home for parent were done by expert. Table1 is shown the Frequency of clients that participated in VRF Donation plan of rehabilitation Assistive Technologies till August 2013.
- Finally appropriate and essential Assistive Technologies based of clients' GMFCS, MACS and cognition level were delivered free of charge. Table 2 is shown the numbers of Assistive Technology and training materials that distributed in VRF Donation plan of rehabilitation Assistive Technology till August 2016